Hotel Bathroom TVs

Hotel bathroom design brought home

Having spent many years travelling the world on business, I was lucky enough to stay in some of the finest hotels.  I have to say that I had a great time but one thing I really loved was finding ideas and concepts that I had not considered for my home.  When I would find myself in a particularly luxurious guestroom I would immediately head to the bathroom to check out the quality. When you enter into the world of luxury hospitality you cannot help thinking that you would like a little piece of that back home.  The place I like to relax after a hard day is in a hot bath with a glass of wine but one thing was always missing……a television.  Now I have taken my phone into the bathroom before but had the unfortunate experience of dropping this resulting in the dreaded call to the mobile phone insurance provider.  Having returned from a luxurious stay at a well-known international branded hotel where I was lucky enough to have installed an in wall bathroom Television – imagine my joy as I ran a hot bath, immersed myself in the bubbles, sipped on my glass of wine and laid back and caught up on the day’s headlines.  It was then I knew I had to have one at home.

I now have my bathroom TV and it is the talking of my friends who come to the house – I just have to politely tell them that they cant enjoy a bath in my house

Would I recommend taking inspiration from a hotel design?


Thanks Videotree